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Jukebox systems using Nakamichi drives

The Nakamichi 16X
SCSI 5 Disc Internal CD-ROM Changer


World's first 16X (Maximum) speed, 5-disc CD-ROM changer that fits in a single half-height bay
World's first direct disc loading mechanism -- No caddy, magazine or tray are needed

Motor assisted smooth and silent eject / loading

Works both horizontally and vertically

Protects CD-ROM disc:
- The mechanism contacts only a 2m/m rim at the edge of each disc.
- Completely shielded construction for maximum reliability.

Supplied convenient utility software for display of disc titles and audio CD reproduction

Advantages of a CD-ROM Changer
over a Single CD-ROM Drive:


CD-ROM Drive

Disc Capacity 5 Discs 1 Disc
Disc Change Easy Cumbersome
Cost Performance X5 X1
Space Factor X1/5 X5
Access to Different Format Disc Easy Cumbersome
Continuous Multi Disc Play
(Using the Sigma Design's Real Magic)
Yes No


SCSI Model


Changer Mechanism Stocker-based 5 disc changer mechanism Stocker-based 5 disc changer mechanism
Disc Control Z CLV Z CLV
IInterface SCSI-2 50 pin connector IDE (ATAPI R2.6) 40 pin connector
Data Transfer Rate
- inner track 1,800 KB/sec (12x) 1,800 KB/sec (12x)
- outer track 2,400 KB/sec (16x) 2,400 KB/sec (16x)
Average Access Time
130 msec (typ) 130 msec (typ)
Buffer Memory 256 KB 128 KB
Data Block Size 2048 Bytes (Mode 1) 2336 Bytes (Mode 2)
512 Block Size O X
MTBF: 50,000 POH (20% duty) 50,000 POH (20% duty)
Read Error Rate: Mode1:Below10 -12 Mode2: Below 10 -9
Audio Output Headphone output (3.5 stereo mini-jack)
Line-out (2-channel, 4-pin connector)
Headphone output (3.5 stereo mini-jack)
Line-out (2-channel, 4-pin connector)
- operating temp. 0 to +45 0 to +45
- operating humidity 0 to 70% (no condensation) 0 to 70% (no condensation)
- dimensions (WxHxD) 149 x 42.8 x 220.6 149 x 42.8 x 220.6
- weight TBD kg TBD kg

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